Simple Steps To Starting A Coupon Club!

Simple Steps To Starting A Coupon Club!

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If someone were to hand you a ten dollar bill, would you tell them that you didnt want it? Of course not! Yet Americans throw away free money everyday when they choose not 국내포털백링크 to use coupons. Last year alone, manufacturers across America offered more than two hundred and fifty billion dollars in coupon savings and yet American shoppers saved only $3 billion dollars in that same time period, by using coupons. That is two hundred and forty-seven billion dollars in savings going to waste! If you are serious about wanting to save money using coupons, you cant just rely on the Sunday paper to supply you with the coupons you need. You have to get creative in finding coupons that will help you to lower your bills.

1. Gather a group of 12 friends (including you) and give them at least a months warning so that they can begin rounding up their coupons. Make sure to invite people that represent a wide variety of shopping needs, so that you will have lots of different types of coupons to choose from. Try not to invite 11 people that all have newborn babies or a pet, or no one will want to trade diaper and cat treat coupons.

2. Pick a time that is convenient for everyone (lunch...

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