TV Card For PC

TV Card For PC

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WinXP, you should be able to run multiple TV Tuner cards on your system at the With the right set-up, you can watch live TV on one channel and record live TV on another channel if you install two (or more) TV Tuner cards. This can be done all in one cards like the ATI TV wonder card. And if you want to use your PC-TV like a VCR (and if you have a huge hard drive), then go hog wild in using your PC-TV as a personal video recorder for home television watching purposes. There is a growing bunch of people who want to use their PC-TV systems as VCR-like personal video recorders for the home. Most TV Tuner cards are packaged with some sort of recorder software included with the cards. For instance, the ATI TV Wonder is packaged with a basic recorder function in its software but you may want to try using third-party software such as the Cyberlink PowerVCR software.

Installing two cards on your PC-TV system:

If you are using same time. All of the new drivers that you will get with TV Tuner cards for use with WinXP will be WDM (Windows Driver Model) drivers which is what WinXP is intended to primarily work with. You will also have to see if your video card can handle all...

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